Collaborative video production with ROI at its heart

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Comms Content

A collaborative approach to video production, with an understanding that process is as important as creative.

At Beagle, we have been making distinct, issue based video content around the world for over ten years. Content that aims to inspire and inform audiences, leading to behavioural change. Across all platforms, from social campaigns to big screen events, we support fast growth companies and institutions, especially around fundraising, investor relations and company vision. We also support internal comms challenges, which are more important than ever.


The most common themes we cover for clients are:


Culture Change

Purpose & Values


> Projects

The Prince’s Trust

Personal journeys

Royal Academy of Engineering

Purpose & Values

Land Securities

Place making

Best in class animation content for over 10 years.



Beagle has produced best in class animation content for over 10 years.

From simple 2D explainers to visual identities for events, photo-real product demos, 3D modelling for property films, video branding toolkits, infographics and on-screen statements.


Our Producers work closely with our trusted animation staff and network for a seamless and efficient process.

2D Explainers

Visual Identities For Events

Photo-Real Product Demos

3D Modelling For Property Films

Video Branding Toolkits


We love to integrate animation into real-world stories but also offer pure-play pieces.

Design to educate, inspire & convert.

Distinct Design

A group of leading Creatives, flexing their imaginations to deliver compelling and premium design.

We appreciate that good storytelling requires meaningful visuals that leave a lasting impression so as well as producing film contentwe also offer bespoke branding, identity, print, editorial and digital platform design.

Westbrook Parners

Westbrook Partners

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We believe the best work is born from collaboration.

We understand your visual identity is sacred, you can rest assured that everything we create will be a product that delivers.

By adopting a strategic approach, we investigate the client's objective and work back from the desired end goals to create a visual story.

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Authentic audience interaction.

Hybrid events

Hybrid Events

Beagle now offers hybrid and virtual events to our clients around the world via our specialist event team.

As we all come to terms with restrictions on travel and movement we are seeing a growing demand and reliance on remote communications and gatherings that still deliver a human connection and emotional storytelling.

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Beagle’s background in TV and Comms content compliments our expertise in bespoke digital platforms, audience interaction, and data analysis ROI.

“The team are overseen each year by a Senior TV or Film Executive to ensure the storytelling is compelling, authentic and on brief.”


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Wherever you are based, around the world, we will have your back. Our creative teams continue to support our UK offices and deliver local knowledge and growing relationships.

We are able to film anytime, anywhere but also now offer a range of video conference interview film formats, a vast range of animation styles, multiple archive footage and music library relationships.

If you need to brief us then why not save yourself that initial Zoom call and use our new online briefing form. Easy and oddly satisfying to fill in and created in house by our talented design team.

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