'Imaginative, story-led film content, factual television and brand design using journalistic insight.'


People more than ever want stories they can believe in and stories that are well told. Global brands and institutions are looking to create an authentic connection with their audiences.

Founded in 2011 by a group of senior TV and Film Producers from Channel 4 News and Endemol, Beagle makes sense of the options and uses the power of crafted storytelling to drive behaviour change and business revolution.


We have crews in 19 territories around the world and their footage feeds back to our London HQ in Notting Hill and our base on the Atlantic coast in North Cornwall.

Collaborative humans

Our five pillars of content production are
  • Brand Revolution
  • Innovation
  • Culture Change
  • Purpose & Values
  • Mindfulness

New Blood

With an established pipeline of young talent from the UK's two leading film schools, The National Film & Television School and Falmouth Film School, working with established senior Executives, we are both agile and a safe bet.

Format Lab

Every content package we produce requires a human connection. And there needs to be a connection with viewers on a range of platforms.

Our experience shows that insight into the audience and the quality of the storytelling are the main challenges. 

We research audiences to harvest opinion and tone of voice through interviews, vox pops and focus groups.

We then host what we call a Format Lab session with the client to refine the brief.

'An ever changing team of influencers with proven success'

Join the Lab

In order to maximise the storytelling process we host a team of social media influencers with proven success.

We bring this team together and give them a collection of live briefs. They tell us what audiences are responding to online and we develop specific ideas.

We then feed this back to the Beagle Producers who incorporate it into their client’s storytelling process.