Cornwall with Simon Reeve

A two part exploration of this iconic county

Episode One

In his first UK-based travel adventure programme for the BBC, ‘Cornwall with Simon Reeve’ was a two part exploration of this iconic county as it emerged from lockdown.

The series investigated what the future held for one of Britain’s favourite holiday destinations that also remains one of the poorest regions in Western Europe.

Recent Reviews

“Pick of the Week – the best of the week ahead. Reeve embarked on a quest to scratch below the surface of one of the best-loved British counties…the real Cornwall”

The Sunday Times

“There is a moral imperative to his travelogues, a constant awareness of climate change and inequality; a sense that, to love the world, you have to understand it.”

Radio Times

“A reality check of what life is really like behind those stunning Cornish vistas”

The Times

“Typically engaging…an uplifting tribute to the residents’ work ethic, adaptability and capacity for innovation, with a few bracing reality checks”

The Daily Telegraph

“TV Highlight: If you want insight. As always, he’s keen to unearth hidden stories behind the tourist posters.”

The Daily Mail

Selected Clips

It was one of the BBC’s highest rating current affairs series of 2020 and helped raise an astonishing £300k for the local food bank featured in the show.

“A thought-provoking, moving and timely watch.”

TV Times

Beyond the pandemic and the beaches, Cornwall has long been a post-industrial region, with very limited prospects for young people growing up here.

As a regional Indie based in Cornwall, attempting to tell this story was a creative challenge and a responsibility.

Behind The Scenes

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Cornwall with Simon Reeve

A two part exploration of this iconic county

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