Encouraging mindfulness and general mental wellbeing is increasingly important to us at Beagle.

We have produced films exploring and promoting this subject since 2011 for clients ranging from The Prince's Trust to Asia's biggest health insurer, AIA.

As well as film content we now produce interactive Wellbeing Clinics. We bring in a leading and likeable expert together with a journalist to discuss a subject via video and staff are able to view it live from their desktop anywhere in the world and ask questions.

25 Million Insomnia Sufferers in the UK

54 Million Stressed Out Employees

£8b To be saved on better mental health support

Charlie Canon - Performance Enhancement Coach

Resilient Leadership

Helping leaders, teams and organisations build resilience so that they can embrace change and sustain performance in a disruptive and uncertain world.

Charlie Cannon is a much sought after performance enhancement coach who has helped leaders, teams and global organisations build resilience thus enabling them not only to embrace change in an uncertain disruptive world, but able to sustain high levels of performance and thrive no matter what the world throws at them.

In Charlie’s live events and trainings he draws upon his rich life experience and combines this with cutting edge research from science and psychology to give them tools and techniques that they can act upon immediately that will catalyse their performance and well-being.