Beagle now offers hybrid and virtual events to our clients around the world via our specialist event team.

As we all come to terms with restrictions on travel and movement we are seeing a growing demand and reliance on remote communications and gatherings that still deliver a human connection and emotional storytelling.

Beagle’s background in TV and Comms content compliments our expertise in bespoke digital platforms, audience interaction, and data analysis ROI.

Wherever you are based, around the world, we will have your back. Our creative teams continue to support our UK offices and deliver local knowledge and growing relationships.

"The team are overseen each year by a Senior TV or Film Executive to ensure the storytelling is compelling, authentic and on brief."


19 Territories

08 Years

32k Name Badges

We are able to film anytime, anywhere but also now offer a range of video conference interview film formats, a vast range of animation styles, multiple archive footage and music library relationships.

If you need to brief us then why not save yourself that initial Zoom call and use our new online briefing form. Easy and oddly satisfying to fill in and created in house by our talented design team.

The event reel contains some internal licensed footage, please email us to be sent the private link.