Combatting the Corona Virus (COVID - 19)

We hope all our clients are staying healthy and are not too affected by this virus.

Here’s how Beagle is set up to suit you.

Beagle offers Webcasts & Live Streaming in place of your events, to keep us all safe, on track and doing business in major cities around the world including London, New York, LA, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo. Keep in touch with your teams and clients with live presentations, round tables and Q&As wherever you are.

We have a strong Animation offering, and this storytelling approach can be a great alternative to filming people in person or on location. Here is our latest Animation showreel for inspiration.

Beagle’s global network of local film crews can come to your office or homes as required, with full health checks in place, to carry out filming and interviews. So we are not impacted by any travel bans.

Beagle’s offices are split between Cornwall and Notting Hill Gate in London. Our work is shared across both locations so we can deal with any potential impact. Our strong freelance talent pool are also on hand to support us and you.

Here’s hoping for the best, while we plan for the worst.

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