Founded in 2011 by Channel 4 News Producer, Harry Anscombe, and Adam Chappell of Shine, Beagle is specially built to meet the new challenges faced by communicators and boards, especially in fast evolving sectors.

We use insight to make sense of bewildering options and produce leading and precise content at scale. Above all, we find the emotional connection with viewers that changes cultures and behaviours.


Three disparate skill sets that come together around a shared goal:

Emotionally engaging content with purpose.

Things we're proud of:

  • Our long standing clients around the world with a cultural determination to innovate.
  • An established pipeline of rising talent – the best way we’ve found to stay fresh and disruptive.
  • Tested creative planning and video management tools, which help clients navigate the bewildering possibilities of visual content.
  • A regional production base in North Cornwall – which enables us to innovate cost-effectively and put money “on the screen” while the Notting Hill team connects with clients.