Beagle Impact is our strategic audience engagement service, designed to influence change.

Our targeted campaigns have engaged one hundred people within a highly niche audience, to ten million people across a population. Whether it’s sending people to a website, encouraging them to download an app, or presenting them with video content - we get your story seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

The United Nations

A short documentary about refugee education in Syria, presented by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the UN Congress in New York in 2015

Beagle Impact arranged for Kate Adie to voice the film and then seeded it across targeted social media channels, with thousands of views by UN Delegates in 24 hours. We then arranged a partnership with the The Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post who took exclusive text, imagery and video for their websites. This campaign led to funding being ring-fenced for a new refugee education strategy in Syria and Lebanon.

The Premier League

A 10 Year Anniversary video series for a major Premier League team, which we seeded via the Club’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds leading to a record 2 million views in a single day.

The content was designed to stimulate positive conversations between fans, which then became the hook for partnerships with The Sun and GQ Magazine who took exclusive content for their websites and own social media feeds.

Independent Feature Film

Our independent movie, Night Rose included a night surfing sequence, recorded live and streamed to audiences and media around the world.

A pro surfer took to the water in Cornwall on a clear night and the overhead drone footage sent straight to Facebook. This was followed by a live video Q&A with the cast and crew for journalists internationally and led to investor funding of our next independent project.