We have not seen a homecoming like it since the return of the Beatles from their first “invasion” tour of the USA in 1964. British Airways chartered a Gold tipped plane complete with VictoRIOus livery emblazoned across the fuselage, to carry Team GB home. Now there are plans for a modern day Triumph reminiscent of returning Roman armies, in Manchester and London, where a stage will be erected in Trafalgar Square.

How distant now the memory of England’s ignominious football team who crept back into the country and back to their bling. Much has been made of the stark differences between our success driven athletes and our professional footballers. And rightly so; I lost count of the number of times I wept as yet another GB athlete fulfilled their dreams and set a brilliant example for our young people and people of any age for that matter.

While money seems to have corrupted the ambition of our footballers, it seems to have provided a winning stratagem for success for our Olympians. Perhaps this is because the money has poured into state of the art training and nutrition programmes, sports science, coaching staff and psychology. Not into a fleet of supercars for each athlete.

Here we are, a nation of 65 million “island upstarts”, winning more Gold and Silver medals than China, a nation of 1.4 billion citizens. UK Sport has put the success down to a generation of talented athletes who have benefitted from twenty years of consistent funding. Over £274 million was invested in the four years prior to Rio, enabling us to win more medals than London 2012, the first team to achieve this rise following a home games. No wonder rival nations are scrambling around for answers as to how we achieved this, with criticism varying from the idea we have “bought” our medals to rather more spurious insinuations of the kind more linked to Russia and East Germany. Sour grapes indeed.

It’s exciting to see how this sporting success can translate to other areas of British life now the Games are over. Naturally the politicians will try and own this success and project the feel good factor into the economy and post-Brexit game plan. But it will also be used as a blueprint for punching above your weight by MBE courses for SMEs across the UK and beyond.

The concept of targeted, focused investment, which in turn rewards success, and nurtures existing talent has certainly delivered results. It all started for Team GB on the rowing lake, then it flowed into the Velodrome, the pool and on to the Gymnasium. In each case an individual or two, led the way with support from the Media to inspire a generation. Similarly small businesses that succeed tend to do one thing really well, but to really prosper they must at some point diversify while drawing on the same skillsets and principles that drove that initial success. In any event you don’t have to be big to win.

Five years ago almost to the day, we started Beagle Create, and initially focused on our core roots in storytelling. With backgrounds in TV production, broadcast journalism and advertising our focus started with film and animation for corporates and brands. But now we’ve evolved as an agency to offer integrated campaigns that are always bespoke and targeted to our client’s needs.

Apps, websites, cinema spots, print work, social media campaigns, holograms (see our Conran designed hologram player Holo™) are all on offer. We launched our Beagle Impact division in 2016 to formalize our distribution offering. Now our work delivers key objectives for the right people in the right place at the right time. Inspired by Team GB we are holding onto our core values of great creative, hard work, while always improving and focusing on our key strengths, ensuring we hit our goals at the right time and in the right place.

Now bring on the next four years and bring on Tokyo 2020.