The UK does a lot of things really well, perhaps better than anywhere in the world. It’s not just our national character: Decency, Humour, Entrepreneurial spirit and talking about the weather or road directions. We do irony pretty well. Just look at how Brexit turned out. Britain Best List

Our continental cousins probably win on foody food. I’m thinking Italian, then French. But we nail it when it comes to comfort food – cream teas, fish & chips, pints of ale, Cornish pasties, and we do the best crisps and confectionary out there. Have you ever tried American chocolate? Don’t bother.

Sadly it’s our love of pies, chips and fizzy pop that’s contributing to our one big claim to infamy. The UK boasts the highest obesity rate in Western Europe. NHS Obesity Report. We are ahead of Ireland, Spain, France and Germany. The Fat Man of Europe if you will. It’s not just because we love a ready meal. The cause has been put down to modern UK lifestyles with too many car journeys and too much time sitting at desks or watching TVs and smart phones.

So it’s doubly ironic that a mobile screen based game called Pokemon Go is being heralded as a major breakthrough in the battle to fight teen (and adult) obesity. You just have to take a stroll through Soho to see groups of 30 somethings chasing after digital sprites, narrowly avoiding being run over. The phenomenon has its critics but I rather like the idea of our digital devices boosting our general health and wellbeing. Just look at the likes of Jawbone Up and FitBit. Real world health and digital tech is big business and meets a growing need.

Another lesser know offering is a set of stunning climbing structures from the team at Morphus - The Eternal Adventure. These guys have shunned the typical mdf and plastic hold look and feel of climbing walls, going for a naturalistic canyon design, that echoes climbing experiences around the world. They also look like Henry Moore sculptures you can interact with, championing public art and bringing communities and the generations together through active play. The experience is further enhanced and brought into the modern day via an App they are developing that will offer technical advice, drive competition and enable the Morphus community.

Beagle is so proud to have launched this brand new sports brand - Morphus - One that encourages us to get off our collective sofa and get climbing - all enhanced with a breakthrough digital app. We’ve designed the website and produced some revolutionary TV in a card brochures for Morphus to share with clients and stakeholders. Mini LCD screens are embedded in a high quality print brochure for customers to view in meetings. It beats trying to set up laptops to big screens or trying to sign up to guest Wi-Fi. We know how that works!

With an Italian, a New Zealander, an Australian and several Brits behind Morphus, this is one UK business that’s set to embrace the post Brexit world and make Britain the Fit Man of Europe.