It’s almost a cliché – “Content Is King” has been the cry from Marketing and Advertising agencies worldwide for the past 5 years – and smart CMO’s finally seem to be buying into the idea. But is it still the case, and will it change any time soon?

The answer is an overwhelming Yes, it is still the case. And No, it won’t be changing anytime soon.

In a world where customers, consumers, viewers, or an audience of any kind is literally bombarded by messages everyday and has become adept at filtering out the information they need – frankly, the brands who don’t produce ‘content’ are struggling to keep up.

It’s a fact – Advertising in the traditional sense of the word simply no longer works. TV has scale but is too expensive and not exactly targeted. Print is still effective but only in niche publications. Don’t get me started on how annoying Radio can be, and Direct Marketing – was it ever more than junk?

In January 2016, internet usage per day per person in the UK finally overtook TV as the prime source of media use. 3 hours a day on average per person. So it makes sense for brands and companies to be in the digital space first and foremost. And it’s simply not enough to have a website – you need to engage people to get results – and that means entertaining, well thought through, easily accessible content – and that means video.

Today, effective marketing is all about creating high quality video content and sharing it. Quality doesn’t just mean information that is well-written or skillfully produced. Quality content means information that is of real value to a particular audience.

Nike realize this – in January 2016 they launched a scripted Youtube series for their ‘Better For it’ campaign – produced with Indy filmmakers. It’s entertaining, artfully made and has practical use to those wanting to know about the campaign. Creating and distributing this kind of relevant, valuable and compelling video is proven to turn prospects into buyers and buyers into long-term fans.

Marketing with valuable content is a win-win for a brand and its customers — potential clients get the information they require and brands get to demonstrate expertise and usefulness.

Simply put, it’s about creating buy-in, not just buyers. It’s about creating rabid fans, not just customers. And by producing interesting, well thought through, highly targeted video content, brands will stay relevant in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Content really is still King – but for those who produce content, we can never grow complacent, It still has to be high end, it still has to be relevant and it still needs to resonate with it’s audience. Agencies and CMO’s who get this right will be the ones reaping the rewards not juts now, bit for years to come.