Filming for and with young people

The topic of filming for and with young people arose after having one of Beagle’s films entered into Campaign’s Brand Film Festival – that film in particular was about young people and specifically for young people. Read More

Hong Kong Take Aways

Beagle visited Hong Kong last week to catch up with clients and meet some new people at The Great Festival of Innovation. Read More

Tips for Filming on a Plane

The Beagle team officially reached new heights with their latest shoot! We took to the skies to celebrate the launch of Amazon Pay in Spain. Read More

Fighting Fake News

“No, I’m not answering your questions. Your organisation is a joke. You’re Fake News!” So shouted Donald J Trump at his last press briefing before becoming President Trump last week. Read More

Punching Above Your Weight

British Airways chartered a Gold tipped plane complete with VictoRIOus livery emblazoned across the fuselage, to carry Team GB home. Read More


The UK does a lot of things really well, perhaps better than anywhere in the world. We do irony pretty well. Just look at how Brexit turned out. Read More

What is Marketing, anyway?

Marketing is about getting your brand seen, heard or talked about. It’s about elevating it above the noise of similar brands or the general marketing hubbub of the day... Read More


Ten years ago the hashtag was that funny “pound sign” you had to press to join a conference call. It used to remind me of playing noughts and crosses... Read More

Fool's Gold

Adam Chappell asks how far are we prepared to sacrifice our privacy, to be sold what we actually want...Read More

Embrace the Now

Marketing has mushroomed with social content initiatives in the last few years, and combined with the urgency and real-time expectations of audience and customers, a new marketing discipline has emerged...Read More

Big Screen Nostalgia

We know Video is the most powerful and ubiquitous advertising medium out there. But Cinema is still the most immersive place to see it....Read More

Is Content Still King?

It’s almost a cliché – “Content Is King” has been the cry from Marketing and Advertising agencies worldwide for the past 5 years – and smart CMO’s finally seem to be buying into the idea. But is it still the case, and will it change any time soon?...Read More